Destination - Chile central - Pelluhue


Pelluhue District is situated on the coast of the Maule Region, with its wonderful combination of country and sea, with local fishermen heading out from its black sand beaches and its fields full of crops like strawberries and papayas.

The area comprising the districts of Pelluhue and Chanco offers interesting and entertaining activities for visitors:

  • Visits to Los Ruiles, Federico Albert and Los Queules National Parks where you can find endangered trees and many other native species as well as abundant fauna.
  • The wide beaches offer picturesque walks and sports like surfing, windsurfing, kite surfing, body boarding, fishing, etc.
  • Trekking, horse back riding, biking and kayaking.
  • Visit the small coves of Pelluhue and Curanipe where you can interact with fishermen and buy fresh fish from the sea.
  • Participating in farm work such as threshing with a mare, strawberry picking etc.
  • Enjoy the delicious local seafood-based cuisine.
  • Visit Loanco, its lighthouse and its sea lion colony.
  • Take the beautiful coastal road and visit Cobquecura Stone Church.
  • Visit vineyards in Cauquenes and taste their wines.
  • Meet men and women knitters from Cardonal.

Cabañas Campomar give you all the information and contacts you need to thoroughly enjoy your visit to Pelluhue. We will be waiting for you to make your stay an unforgettable experience!