Destination - Chile central - Pichilemu


Pichilemu is a small village in the sixth region surrounded by small hills with lots of pine forests and long black sand beaches on the Pacific Ocean.Pichilemu was the first high class beach resort in Chile (1900) and possessed the country’s first casino which was recently restored in 2009 and is now the cultural center of the village. Agustin Ross, the founder of Pichilemu wanted to recreated a place like France ́s early Century Biarritz on Chile’s coast.

The waves can be extremely long at “La Puntilla” or incredibly big and powerful down at “Punta de Lobos” where the world class surf events are held such as the tow in world Cup or the “Ceremonial de Punta de Lobos”.Pichilemu is definitely the surfing capital but is also a great place to practice others sports like windsurf, kite surf, Kayak, long bike rides, fishing...etc.

After a long day of surf, or just touring around, you can eat out at one of Pichilemu’s several restaurants. Pichilemu also has a wide variety of nightlife activities such as bars and local discos.

What to do

Rural route: you can leave the coast for a while and go inland on a rural tour that includes the “salt” lakes and black neck swans in Cahuil, the pottery in Pañul and the rural museum of Ciruelos. You can stroll along the beach on horseback, enjoy the hot bath of seawater in front to the beach or walking around in the Agustin Ross Park with a centenarians Palm trees. Since 1988.

For wine lovers, there are several wineries around Pichilemu, where you can taste great Chilean wines. Pichilemu is three hours from Santiago and two from San Fernando.

Pichilemu is the surf capital of Chile with 3 world class waves and also a great destination for windsurf and kite surf. This is the reason we decided to live here. We want our guests to feel the same freedom that we felt during the creation of our hostel.