Destination - Chile central - Talca


The beautiful mountain range close to Talca is little known. In the National Parks Siete Tazas and Vilches you can (amongst other things) meet real cowboys, find unspoilt natural beauty, and bathe in hot springs; with sunshine virtually guaranteed! It is a real must to take the train along the Maule River to the coast of Constitucion. You can also enjoy a rodeo with Chilean Huasos, join in the cueca dance, or pay a visit to a vineyard or colonial village.

"The Descabezado Grande Trek"

This stunning and varied five day trek leads through native southern beech forest, often in the company of parrots to the “valle venado”. You will camp by hot springs and a hidden waterfall, which are as spectacular as the view from the summit of the volcano at 3830 m, where you will see the crater filled with ice.

"Horse Trekking"

If you would like to have one of the best experiences of your life, and don’t mind sitting on horse back for several days, we highly recommend going with an authentic Chilean cowboy into the mountains. You will share their life, drink mate tea by the camp fire, and join in their endless stories.

At Casa Chueca you will get free, detailed information about these and many other activities and hikes in the region. We look forward to meeting you.