Destination - Chiloé - Cucao


As you travel along the route from Castro to Cucao, enjoy ingits beautiful views, you can make a stop and visit the Church of Chonchi declared National Monument and World Heritage Site.

After that, follow the road that borders Huillinco and Cucao Lakes, stopping at Huillinco Dock where you can enjoy the view, take some pictures and if you are lucky you can meet a Kingfisher.

Following the same route you can enjoy the waterfront views along the lake, this will lead you the narrowest section where Huillinco Lake meets Cucao Lake.

15 kms away from Huillinco Village towards Cucao town, you will find the"Morelia" Cookery, which has been granted with Sipam certification. Here you can find traditional Chilota cuisine served with love and dedication. The menu is prepared using local products; we recommend razor clam andcheese empanadas, seaweed, cazuela, murta or rhubarb Kuchen, among others.

At the end of this road tour you will reach Cucao village and our Hostel Palafito Cucao, where you can rest after the long day of activities and excursions, enjoying the view of Cucao Lake from our common areas.

During your stay in Hostel Palafito Cucao we recommend that you visit Chiloe National Park. Other must-sees are “Souls Dock” in Punta Pirulil, Cole-Cole beach, and of course you can’t miss experiencing a beautiful sunset while horseback riding along Cucao beach.