Destination - Región de los lagos - Conguillio


Conguillio National Park with its stunning scenery, is the main attraction in our area. It´s one of the most beautiful parks in Chile. Its landscape varies, from ash field desert to cold lava flows, wells, waterfalls, lakes, mixed forests with robles, lengas, coigües and of course lots of araucarias (monkey-puzzle trees) and alpine mountains with glaciers. The active Llaima volcano (its last eruption started January 1st 2008 and lasted almost a year) is the main protagonist in this variety of contrasts. The most important spots in the park are connected by a 30 km long gravel-ash-dirt road, which in some parts requires high clearance vehicles. In 2011, two observatories were installed to avoid tragedies caused by any future eruption. The volcanic risk areas are clearly marked. In winter, from May to December, the access to Conguillio Lake is limited to the southern entrance, only one hour’s drive from Adela y Helmut. We are at a safe distance from the crater, so the danger of lava flows and mud avalanches doesn´t exist.

Temuco is the capital of the Araucanía region, 677 km south of Santiago and the centre of Mapuche culture in Chile. In Temuco’s central-market you can find Mapuche handicrafts amongst other “kitsch” souvenirs in the overflowing market stalls.

If you need a snack, and fast food is not your choice, try one of the numerous restaurants inside the central market. More rustic, but not less hygienic are the "cocinerías" at the vegetable-market, close to the railway-station.