Destination - Región de los lagos - Pucón


Considered one of the most important energy vortices in Chile, this is a perfect place to learn how to live in harmony with nature, our bodies, and most importantly with our spirit. The quaint city of Pucon in the Lake District is one of the best places for outdoor activities in Chile.

Located at the eastern end of Lago Villarrica, it is surrounded by national parks, mountains, waterfalls, rivers and lakes, but the highlight is the smoking Villarrica volcano which is visible from almost everywhere.

We invite you to come and enjoy:

  • Climbing the active Villarrica volcano and see the boiling lava.
  • Trekking through virgin forests discovering the magical Araucaria trees in the Huerquehue and Villarrica National Parks
  • Rafting the wild Trancura river or doing a canoe trip down the gentle Liucura river.
  • Cycling through lovely countryside.
  • Relaxing in hot springs, even by moonlight.
  • Discover the wilderness on horseback.
  • Summer beach days swimming & practicing all kinds of water sports.
  • Skiing, snowboarding or hiking in snowshoes.
  • Canyoning, hydro speed or canopy (Zip-line rides).
  • Studying Spanish and learning more about Chilean and the Mapuche Culture.
  • Several Meditation centers, a Buddhist monastery and different possibilities to live alternative healing methods and esoteric or even shamanic retreats in a well-protected environment.