Destination - Región de los lagos - Valdivia


Valdivia is a city of natural beauty in the south of Chile, set in the magnificent sceneryalong the Calle-Calle, Valdivia, Cau-Cau and Cruces rivers. At present, these channelsplay an important role in providing nautical activities for the city.

The Los Ríos region is situatedinthe heart of the Valdivian rainforest. The geographic and climatic diversity of this region includesa wide range of forests typical of the Valdivian rainforest ecoregion. These can be found in a very small area, within 150 km radius of Valdivia.

The tourist attractions and services in this region revolvearound three main destinations: Siete Lagos (Seven Lakes) in the Andesmountain range; Valdivia-Corral in the Cordillera de la Costa (coastal mountain range) and the LagoRanco lake basin, connecting both areasfrom the Cordillera to the sea. Each one of these three tourist destinations represents a natural region, with itsownculture, gastronomy and handicrafts, showing a varied expression of our regional identity. Additionally, each destination contains a representative sample ofa particular forest type, easily accessible through the network of public and private protected areas that can be visitedon foot, horseback, by boat, bike or car.

The Valdivia-Corral routeextends along the coastline, the Valdivia River estuary and Corral Bay, spreading out towards the coast of La Unión and Mariquinadistrictsand towards theCordillera de la Costa where the last relics of the Valdivian Coastal Rainforest remain. These three regional destinations are connected to Valdivia by a large network of scenic roads, including a coastal route that passes through the main beaches and population centresalong the coast. Connected to this route, a complex network of navigable routes passes through the Valdivia River estuary, allowingaccess to the Cruces River Natural Sanctuary, Mancera Island, San Ramón Peninsula and other points of interest for water tourism.