Emotive Tourism

The following icons classify hostels and exursions, not with stars as common but with characteristics, which will provide a different experience while traveling in Chile. Live the emotions of visiting traditional groups; look for the ideal place for your whole family; don’t forget your CO2 off set; help us create a kind of tourism in Chile accessible for everybody including those with special needs.

FairChile -- One tourist one tree

Every tourist leaves his trace, either in the form of CO2 emission of transport, usage of energy, waste, or the social change within a country caused by tourism. Hostels participating with FairChile are reforesting native trees in order to compensate the CO2 footprint caused by their guests. This program is supported by the Chilean government.

Meet the people

Travelers interested in Chilean traditions should prefer hostels using the “Meet the people” icon. At these places you’ll get contact with traditional groups such as fishermen, local cowboys, shepherds, indigenous people or farmers, either by simply staying at the hostel or taking one of their excursions.

Welcome Kids

Chileans are known for their love for children. However, accommodation and excursion options are not always adjusted to the special requirements of the youngest customers. “Welcome Kids” is not based on quality criteria. It is rather to show families who are travelling, which accommodation or tour operator tries to focus on younger guests and their specific requirements.

Accessible Tourism

Hostels and tour operators using the “Accessible Tourism” icon understand that some clients have special needs during their vacations. With your help we are able to learn how to improve. However, disabled travellers are welcome at these places.