“Backpackers Chile” Network.


Backpackers Chile is a network of tourist hostals based on mutual cooperation, with a common objective to maintain similar high standards while promoting Chile as a tourist destination for the world.

Since the creation of this network the focus of the group members has been to provide an undisputed high standard of Quality Service which has become our great strength and differentiates our hostals from competitors.

Our client group is principally independant travellers and groups from all over the world and the network targets this market segment by providing the same quality standards of facilities and service regardless of location or size of hostal.

Members of the network although scattered throughout Chile, are reguarly in contact with each other in order to offer high quality personalized friendly service to our guests

General Information for Memberhip of BackpackersChile

Steps for applicants;

  • Read carefully the instructions in this document.
  • Learn about the statutes and regulations governing members.
  • Contact members hostals located in your area to introduce yourself and your business to them. Later they will represent you at the annual general meeting that presides over membership aspects.
  • Write a letter to the secretary of Backpackers Chile presenting your establishment outlinning the owner(s), services and other attributes to support your application.
  • Complete the “Application form”, telephone contacts, Web Page and other details.
  • Send the application form and your letter to;- Hostal Zapato Amarillo - Armin Dübendorfer . Contacto:; - Teléfono 64 2210787 Puerto Octay 10ª región


  • It is important that all prospective members meet the defined quality standards, for infrastructure, hygine, ethics and professionalism.
  • English language competence is essential with additional languages desirable to better communicate with guests.
  • As a network of Bed & Breakfast hostals (B&B) the tariff must include breakfast in all promotional material, leaflets, web site, etc.,
  • Equally owners must offer guests a minimal option (shared dormitory) as part of their hostal.
  • It is also a requirement that prospective members be willing to colaborate with the partnership basis of the network, to become involved in the operations and familiar with other members inorder to become part of the ‘family’.Duties; New members must keep in touch with other hostels in their región and especially their ‘Godfather’.
  • Members must make an active effort to unconditionally support the group inorder to promote the network to potential guests, especially recommending other hostals within the network.
  • They must work actively to distribute and deliver the Backpackers Chile booklet both within their hostal and through strategic transport points like restaurants, bus terminals and other locals where travellers congrégate.
  • Once admitted as a member of Backpackers Chile, it is a requirement to inform other members of any changes to your business, eg, new manager, leased hostal.
  • Participation at the twice a year (spring & autumn) Regional meetings is obligatory, as they are the platform to provide network development initiatives, marketing opportunities and learn about current events. They are also an opportunity for making important decsions within geographic regions while promoting mutual cooperation between network members.
  • Each member is responsable to ensure payment of dues by the dates set at the annual general meeting during May .
  • Equally it is a requirement that each hostal submits their appropriate material, texts, photos, and information by the deadlines set at the annual general meeting.

Description of the Membership Mode

Active Member

Has the right to two pages in the booklet An information page (usually the left side) about the geographical destination and area attractions.The second page promotes the hostal presenting services offered, prices per person per night, contact informatio and a map showing the hostals location.Active members also have a presence in the networks web page with the same requirements as above plus the addition of 6 high quality photos.

Further the active member has the opportunity to take part in the round table Annual General Meeting with the right to speak and vote. It is an obligation to attend this anual meeting although actual participants will be elected at the autumn regional meeting.

An active member may also participate as part of the management team that makes the decisions on operations that affect all members of the network and represents the organization officially. They may also be asked to be a “Godfather” to a hostal in their zone postulating membership of the network.


Members in the regions of Arica/Parinacota, Easter Island and Magellan are excused obligatory attendance at the Annual General meeting for reasons of geographic remoteness.

The concept of Backpackers Chile is to create a string of many hostals throughout Chile working as a cooperative network. Recommending one another so that foreign tourists leave with the best memories of Chile as an exceptional country, friendly, while offering good service, and quality accommodation. In other words happy guests - the best spokesperson abroad so that more people visit our country.

General Contact Information:

Coordinating Secretary Backpackerschile